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remarkably bemerkenswert
remarkably bemerkenswerterweise
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remarkably formidablement
remarkably remarquablement
remarkably supérieurement
1 word
remarkably outstandingly
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The Intermediate Filament Network in Cultured Human Keratinocytes Is Remarkably Extensible and Resilient

Douglas Fudge et al.

PLoS ONE , 04 Jun 2008

Antizyme expression: a subversion of triplet decoding, which is remarkably conserved by evolution, is a sensor for an autoregulatory circuit

Ivaylo P. Ivanov et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 01 Sep 2000

Remarkably AT-rich genomic DNA from the anaerobic fungus Neocallimastix.

A G Brownlee

Nucleic Acids Research , 25 Feb 1989

Genes regulated by estrogen in breast tumor cells in vitro are similarly regulated in vivo in tumor xenografts and human breast tumors: ... and breast tumors are remarkably similar.

Chad J Creighton et al.

Genome Biology , 2006

Co-regulation of mouse genes predicts function: ... patterns can be remarkably helpful in predicting ...

Jonathan B Weitzman

Journal of Biology , 2004

What does a worm want with 20,000 genes?: ... elegans genome is remarkably high: approximately ...

Jonathan Hodgkin

Genome Biology , 2001

Overview of the voltage-gated sodium channel family: ... sodium channels have remarkably similar functional ...

Frank H Yu et al.

Genome Biology , 2003

Comparative genomics of gene-family size in closely related bacteria: ... a given gene family is remarkably similar in strains of ...

Ravindra Pushker et al.

Genome Biology , 2004

Implications of electrostatic potentials on ribosomal proteins.: ... polyelectrolyte theory remarkably well and are discussed ...

J S Kliber et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 01 Dec 1976

An amphibian with ambition: a new role for Xenopus in the 21st century: ... recent development of a remarkably efficient method for ...

Caroline W Beck et al.

Genome Biology , 2001

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