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Removed definition: Taken out of, separated from, or eliminated.
First Cousin Once Removed definition: A child of your first cousin.
arrière-petit-cousin definition: Fils du petit-cousin ou de la petite-cousine.
arrière-petite-cousine definition: Fille du petit-cousin ou de la petite-cousine.

Antiviral Oseltamivir Is not Removed or Degraded in Normal Sewage Water Treatment: Implications for Development of Resistance by Influenza A Virus

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Expression of Escherichia coli dam gene in Bacillus subtilis provokes DNA damage response: N6-methyladenine is removed by two repair pathways.

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Chromatin prepared using micrococcal nuclease retains the enzyme activity which can be removed with cation-exchange resin AG 50 WX2.

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Identification of bacteria on the surface of clinically infected and non-infected prosthetic hip joints removed during revision arthroplasties by 16S rRNA gene sequencing and by microbiological culture

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Establishment of a high throughput EST sequencing system using poly(A) tail-removed cDNA libraries and determination of 36 000 bovine ESTs

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Incidental parasitic infestations in surgically removed appendices: a retrospective analysis

Özgür Aydin

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Reproductive Behaviour Evolves Rapidly When Intralocus Sexual Conflict Is Removed

Stéphanie Bedhomme et al.

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Transfection of DNA into adherent cells by DEAE-dextran/DMSO method increases drastically if the cells are removed from surface and treated in suspension.

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Internal eliminated sequences are removed prior to chromosome fragmentation during development in Euplotes crassus.

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Histone H1 can be removed selectively from chicken erythrocyte chromatin at near physiological conditions.

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