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revivalism piétisme
revivalism revival
revivalism revivalisme
0 synonyms
revivalisme definition: Renouveau, renaissance.
revivalisme definition: Renouveau spirituel au sein d'une église protestante.
0 examples

A revival of the B cell paradigm for rheumatoid arthritis pathogenesis?

Christophe Benoist et al.

Arthritis Research , 2000

Revival of the side-to-side approach for distal coronary anastomosis

Min-Ho Song et al.

Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery , 06 Jan 2007

The Helmontian George Thomson and William Harvey: the revival and application of splenectomy to physiological research.

C Webster

Medical History , 01 Apr 1971

Treatise to Salah ad-Din on the revival of the art of medicine by Ibn Jumay

A. Z. Iskandar

Medical History , 01 Jan 1985

Visualizing the action of steroid hormone receptors in living cells: ... and the accompanying revival of biophysical ...

Alexander Griekspoor et al.

Nuclear Receptor Signaling , 09 Mar 2007

Recovery of renal function in dialysis patients: ... actually suggest such revival of renal function. ...

Mahendra Agraharkar et al.

BMC Nephrology , 16 Oct 2003

Mental health literacy in an educational elite – an online survey among university students: ... schizophrenia. Repeated revival of a trauma for ...

Christoph Lauber et al.

BMC Public Health , 09 May 2005

Establishment of an early liver fibrosis model by the hydrodynamics-based transfer of TGF-β1 gene: ... of fibrogenesis and revival endogenous repair ...

Kun-Lin Yang et al.

Comparative Hepatology , 19 Oct 2007

Management of plant species for controlling pests, by peasant farmers at Lagoa Seca, Paraíba state, Brazil: an ethnoecological approach: ... important to the revival of ancient agricultural ...

Andréia de Souza Guimarães et al.

Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine , 06 Oct 2006

Safety and Efficacy of Methylene Blue Combined with Artesunate or Amodiaquine for Uncomplicated Falciparum Malaria: A Randomized Controlled Trial from Burkina Faso: ... with regard to its revival in malaria therapy. The ...

Augustin Zoungrana et al.

PLoS ONE , 20 Feb 2008