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eoEsperanto enEnglish
1 word
rimedo agency
rimedo avenue
rimedo drug
rimedo expedience
rimedo expedient
rimedo livelihood
rimedo means
rimedo medicament
rimedo medicine
rimedo pharmaceutical
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eoEsperanto afAfrikaans
1 word
rimedo artseny
rimedo medisyne
eoEsperanto caCatalan
1 word
rimedo medicament
rimedo mitjà
rimedo remei
eoEsperanto csCzech
1 word
rimedo lék
eoEsperanto daDanish
1 word
rimedo lægemiddel
rimedo medicin
rimedo medikament
eoEsperanto deGerman
1 word
rimedo Ausflucht
rimedo Lebensmittel
rimedo Mittel
eoEsperanto elGreek
1 word
rimedo φάρμακο
eoEsperanto esSpanish
1 word
rimedo medicamento
rimedo medio
rimedo recurso
rimedo remedio
rimedo víveres
eoEsperanto fiFinnish
1 word
rimedo keino
rimedo lääke
eoEsperanto foFaroese
1 word
rimedo amboð
rimedo miðal
eoEsperanto frFrench
1 word
rimedo antidote
rimedo expédient
rimedo médicament
rimedo remède
rimedo ressource
eoEsperanto fyFrisian
1 word
rimedo doktersguod
rimedo libbensmiddels
rimedo medikamint
rimedo medisyn
eoEsperanto huHungarian
1 word
rimedo gyógyszer
rimedo orvosság
eoEsperanto ioIdo
1 word
rimedo moyeno
rimedo remedio
eoEsperanto isIcelandic
1 word
rimedo læknisfræði
eoEsperanto itItalian
1 word
rimedo risorsa
eoEsperanto msMalay
1 word
rimedo obat
eoEsperanto nlDutch
1 word
rimedo artsenij
rimedo geneesmiddel
rimedo medicijn
rimedo medium
rimedo middel
rimedo middelen van bestaan
rimedo remedie
rimedo uitvlucht
rimedo uitweg
rimedo victualiën
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eoEsperanto noNorwegian
1 word
rimedo medisin
rimedo middel
eoEsperanto ptPortuguese
1 word
rimedo expediente
rimedo meio
rimedo recurso
rimedo remédio
eoEsperanto roRomanian
1 word
rimedo doctorie
rimedo medicament
eoEsperanto svSwedish
1 word
rimedo läkemedel
rimedo medicin
eoEsperanto swSwahili
1 word
rimedo dawa
eoEsperanto tlTagalog
1 word
rimedo gamót
eoEsperanto zuZulu
1 word
rimedo umuthi
remède definition: Substance qui sert à guérir un mal ou une maladie.
remède definition: Ce qui sert à guérir les maladies de l’âme.
remède definition: Ce qui sert à prévenir, surmonter ou faire cesser un malheur, un inconvénient ou une disgrâce.
remède definition: Lavement.
ressource definition: Ce qui peut fournir ce dont on a besoin ; moyen d’action.
ressource definition:
rimedo definition: Moyen, remède, ressource.
0 examples

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