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vacuolar sequestering definition: The process of transporting a substance into, and confining within, a vacuole. [GOC:jl]
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Light-induced morphological alteration in anthocyanin-accumulating vacuoles of maize cells: ... anthocyanins-containing vacuolar compartments. Conclusion By uncoupling the effect of light on anthocyanin accumulation, we have found light to induce the fusion of anthocyanin-containing vacuoles, the coalescence of anthocyanic vacuolar inclusion (AVI)-like structures contained, and the spread of anthocyanins from the inclusions into the vacuolar sap. Similar light-induced alterations in vacuolar morphology are also evident in the epidermal cells of maize floral whorls accumulating anthocyanins. Our findings suggest a novel mechanism for the action of light on the vacuolar storage of anthocyanin.

Niloufer G Irani et al.

BMC Plant Biology , 20 May 2005

New insight into the structures and formation of anthocyanic vacuolar inclusions in flower petals: ... in various anthocyanin sequestration studies. Here, we used light and electron microscopy to investigate the structures and the formation of anthocyanic vacuolar inclusions (AVIs) in lisianthus ( Eustoma grandiflorum ) petals. Results AVIs in the epidermal cells of different regions of the petal were investigated. Three different forms of AVIs were observed: vesicle-like, rod-like and irregular shaped. In all cases, EM examinations showed no membrane encompassing the AVI. Instead, the AVI itself consisted of membranous and thread structures throughout. Light and EM microscopy analyses demonstrated that anthocyanins accumulated as vesicle-like bodies in the cytoplasm, which themselves were contained in prevacuolar compartments (PVCs). The vesicle-like bodies seemed to be transported into the central vacuole through the merging of ...

Huaibi Zhang et al.

BMC Plant Biology , 17 Dec 2006

The human immunodeficiency virus antigen Nef forms protein bodies in leaves of transgenic tobacco when fused to zeolin: ... and is composed of the vacuolar storage protein phaseolin fused ...

Maddalena de Virgilio et al.

Journal of Experimental Botany , 01 Jul 2008