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sollen definition: [1] Auftrag [2] Empfehlung eines Dritten [3] Behauptung eines Dritten, Hörensagen [4] im Präteritum: eine spätere Zeitebene in der Vergangenheit [5] im Konjunktiv II: Vermutung, Annahme [6] im Konjunktiv II Präteritum: persönliche Empfehlung [7] im Konjunktiv II Präteritum: verstärkt und deutet ein unwahrscheinliches Eintreffen einer Bedingung an
devoir definition: Ce à quoi on est obligé par la raison, par la morale, par la loi, par sa condition, par la bienséance, etc.
devoir definition: Exercices scolaires qu’ont à faire les élèves dans un lycée, un collège, une école.

We argue for the use of salt-poor albumin solutions in this situation and conclude that, on current evidence, the assertion that albumin should be avoided in all situations is irrational and untenable.

Simon P Allison et al.

Critical Care 4 (3), 2000

Clinical situations There are three clinical situations in which albumin has been or should be considered: hypoalbuminaemia; resuscitation in acute hypovolaemia; and in hypovolaemia occurring after the acute phase of critical illness.

Simon P Allison et al.

Critical Care 4 (3), 2000

One might just as well say that all patients with hyponatraemia should be given salt solutions, irrespective of the patient's total extracellular sodium.

Simon P Allison et al.

Critical Care 4 (3), 2000

Even here one should be cautious because there were some studies quoted in the Cochrane report that measured the physiological consequences of giving albumin versus crystalloid solutions, and appeared to show superior physiological effects of giving albumin without any detriment in terms of mortality [ 10 , 11 ].

Simon P Allison et al.

Critical Care 4 (3), 2000

This paper was included by the Cochrane reviewers in the hypovolaemia group even though the authors categorically state that 'thirty-four treatment group patients ( n =37) received albumin for low levels postoperatively' [ 13 ], clearly indicating that the study should have been analyzed in the hypoalbuminaemia group.

Simon P Allison et al.

Critical Care 4 (3), 2000

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