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enEnglish deGerman
1 word
least-significant niederstwertig
significant Belang
significant arg
significant aussagekräftig
significant bedeutend
significant bedeutsam
significant bedeutsamen
significant bedeutungsvoll
significant beträchtlich
significant bezeichnend
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enEnglish afAfrikaans
1 word
significant aanmerklik
significant behartigenswaardig
significant belangrik
significant erg
significant ernstig
enEnglish caCatalan
1 word
significant adult
significant greu
significant important
significant majestuós
enEnglish csCzech
1 word
significant důležitý
enEnglish daDanish
1 word
significant myndig
significant vigtig
enEnglish eoEsperanto
1 word
significant grava
significant gravi
significant impona
significant konsiderinda
significant majesta
significant malakuta
significant maĵora
significant plenaĝa
significant plenaĝulo
enEnglish esSpanish
1 word
significant adulto
significant asunto
significant considerable
significant entidad
significant grave
significant importancia
significant importante
significant interéses
significant majestuoso
significant mayor
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enEnglish euBasque
1 word
significant funtsezko
significant oinarrizko
enEnglish fiFinnish
1 word
significant tärkeä
enEnglish foFaroese
1 word
significant týdningarmikil
significant álvarsamur
significant í dur
enEnglish frFrench
1 word
significant affaires
significant considérable
significant conséquent
significant grave
significant importance
significant important
significant imposant
significant intérêts
significant lourd
significant majeur
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enEnglish fyFrisian
1 word
significant aardich
significant aardig
significant danich
significant grut
enEnglish hrCroatian
1 word
significant važan
enEnglish huHungarian
1 word
significant fontos
enEnglish ioIdo
1 word
significant abundanta
significant konsiderinda
significant signifikanta
enEnglish isIcelandic
1 word
significant fullveðja
enEnglish itItalian
1 word
significant adulto
significant affari
significant considerevole
significant grave
significant importante
significant importanza
significant interessi
significant notevole
significant ragguardevole
enEnglish jaJapanese
1 word
significant 中指|R=nakayubi
enEnglish laLatin
1 word
significant gravis
enEnglish lvLatvian
1 word
significant svarīgs
enEnglish msMalay
1 word
significant penting
enEnglish nlDutch
1 word
significant aanmerkelijk
significant aanzienlijk
significant belangrijk
significant dur-
significant erg
significant ernstig
significant geruim
significant imponerend
significant indrukwekkend
significant majestueus
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enEnglish noNorwegian
1 word
significant myndig
enEnglish ocOccitan (post 1500); Provençal
1 word
significant grèu
significant major
enEnglish plPolish
1 word
significant interesy
significant istotnym
significant poważny
significant sprawy
significant ważny
significant znaczenia
enEnglish ptPortuguese
1 word
significant adulto
significant apreciável
significant categorizado
significant considerável
significant grave
significant imponente
significant importante
significant maior
significant majestoso
significant obtuso
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enEnglish roRomanian
1 word
significant important
enEnglish ruRussian
1 word
significant важно
significant важный
significant взрослый
enEnglish svSwedish
1 word
significant myndig
significant viktig
enEnglish swSwahili
1 word
significant -kubwa
enEnglish tlTagalog
1 word
significant mahalagá
enEnglish trTurkish
1 word
significant ağır
significant ağırbaşlı
enEnglish zhChinese
1 word
enEnglish zuZulu
1 word
significant -phakeme
Statistical Significance definition: In statistics, a number that expresses the probability that the result of a given experiment or study could have occurred purely by chance. This number can be a margin of error or it can indicate a confidence level.
statistically significant definition: Describes a mathematical measure of difference between groups. The difference is said to be statistically significant if it is greater than what might be expected to happen by chance alone.
Significant definition: A term applied to differences, correlations, cause-and-effect relationships, etc., to indicate that they are noticeable, probably too closely correlated to be attributed to chance and therefore indicating a systematic relation: substantial, fairly large; also having consequence or import, important in effect or meaning. In statistics significant ordinarily indicates a probability of not less than 95 percent, while highly significant indicates a probability of not less than 99 percent.
significant other definition: A person who is important to one's well being; especially a spouse or one in a similar relationship. (The player is the one who is important)
Significant Stabilization definition: Showing important indications that a patient is nearing a condition of little change.
GISTIC definition: A statistical approach for identifying genomic regions of aberration that are more likely to drive cancer pathogenesis. The method identifies those regions of the genome that are aberrant more often than would be expected by chance, with greater weight given to high-amplitude events (high-level copy-number gains or homozygous deletions) that are less likely to represent random aberrations.
wichtig definition: [1] wesentlich sein, von Gewicht, Bedeutung sein; Gewicht, Bedeutung habend
signifikant definition: [1] in deutlicher Weise als wesentlich, wichtig, bedeutend, erheblich, erkennbar [2] Statistik, Ergebnisse: unwahrscheinlich, dass ein derartiges Ergebnis durch Zufall zustande gekommen ist (siehe auch: Signifikanz) [3] Sprachwissenschaft (selten): eher signifikativ
Belang definition: [1] Bedeutung, Wichtigkeit :[a] bejahend: von Bedeutung oder Wichtigkeit für etwas oder jemanden (sein) :[b] verneinend: von keiner Bedeutung oder Wichtigkeit für etwas oder jemanden (sein) :[c] bejahend: etwas von Bedeutung oder Wichtigkeit :[d] verneinend: nichts von Bedeutung oder Wichtigkeit [2] Belange (nur Plural): :[a] private oder öffentliche Angelegenheiten :[b] private oder öffentliche Interessen
bedeutungsvoll definition: [1] voll Bedeutung, mit besonderem Sinn
funtsezko definition: [1] solid, standhaft, zuverlässig, charakterfest [2] einfach, elementar, fundamental [3] ansehnlich, bedeutsam, kennzeichnend, signifikant
majeur definition: Doigt du milieu de la main.
majeur definition: Personne majeure.
majeur definition: En termes de Musique,
majeur definition: Ainé.

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