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Cardioplegic Solutions definition: Solutions which, upon administration, will temporarily arrest cardiac activity. They are used in the performance of heart surgery.
Dialysis Solutions definition: Solutions prepared for exchange across a semipermeable membrane of solutes below a molecular size determined by the cutoff threshold of the membrane material.
Dialysate definition: Solutions of purified water (i.e., excluding inorganic contaminants and microorganisms) with an electrolyte composition similar to blood, that are mainly intended for use in the dialyzer of hemodialysis machines. The dialysate interacts with the patient blood in the dialyzer (usually through membranes) to remove metabolic waste and also as an ion source to maintain the appropriate concentrations of electrolytes and pH level in blood before returning it to the patient; acetate, or more, frequently bicarbonate is included in the dialysate as a buffering agent. Dedicated dialysate solutions intended for other dialysis procedures, such as peritoneal dialysate (a solution that is hyperosmolar relative to plasma and uses lactate as buffer) and hepatic dialysate, are also available. Dialysate is usually discarded after use in a dialysis procedure.
Glucose Solution, Hypertonic definition: Solution that is usually 10 percent glucose but may be higher. An isotonic solution of glucose is 5 percent.
Hemodialysis Solutions definition: Solutions prepared for hemodialysis. The composition of the pre-dialysis solution may be varied in order to determine the effect of solvated metabolites on anoxia, malnutrition, acid-base balance, etc. Of principal interest are the effect of the choice of buffers (e.g., acetate or carbonate), the addition of cations (Na+, K+, Ca2+), and addition of carbohydrates (glucose).
Dialysate, Hemodialysis definition: Solutions prepared for use in hemodialysis for exchange of solutes below a certain molecular size (determined by the cutoff threshold of the membrane material) across a semipermeable membrane.
Hypertonic Solutions definition: Solutions that have a greater osmotic pressure than a reference solution such as blood, plasma, or interstitial fluid.
Hypotonic Solutions definition: Solutions that have a lesser osmotic pressure than a reference solution such as blood, plasma, or interstitial fluid.
Isotonic Solutions definition: Solutions having the same osmotic pressure as blood serum, or another solution with which they are compared. (From Grant & Hackh's Chemical Dictionary, 5th ed & Dorland, 28th ed)
SOLUTION, ISOTONIC definition: A general purpose reagent is a chemical reagent that has general laboratory application, that is used to collect, prepare, and examine specimens from the human body for diagnostic histopathology, cytology, and hematology, and that is not labeled or otherwise intended for a specific diagnostic application. General purpose reagents include cytological preservatives, decalcifying reagents, fixatives and adhesives, tissue processing reagents, isotonic solutions, and pH buffers.
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