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spiral CT scan definition: A detailed picture of areas inside the body. The pictures are created by a computer linked to an x-ray machine that scans the body in a spiral path.
Tomography, Spiral Computed definition: Computed tomography where there is continuous X-ray exposure to the patient while being transported in a spiral or helical pattern through the beam of irradiation. This provides improved three-dimensional contrast and spatial resolution compared to conventional computed tomography, where data is obtained and computed from individual sequential exposures.
Spiral CT definition: A method of computed tomography (CT) that uses continuous rotation of the X-ray tube and continuous transport of the patient through the scanning aperture that allows the rapid acquisition of a volume of CT data. Advantages over conventional CT include: rapid acquisition of a large volume of data within a single breath-hold, thus minimizing respiration artifact and misregistration between slices; the ability to reconstruct images retrospectively at any level within the scanned volume; optimization of intravenous contrast enhancement due to the short scan times; improved multi-planar and 3-D reconstruction; and the potential for radiation dose reduction. Same as helical computed tomography. (British Journal of Radiology 1994 May;67(797):436-44)
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