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1 word
splits Spagat
splits spaltet
splits zersplittert
2 words
fold splits Faltenrisse
splits up spaltet auf
4 words
to do the splits einen Spagat machen
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1 word
splits grand écart
enEnglish nlDutch
1 word
splits spagaat
0 synonyms
Spagat definition: [1] Sport: Figur, bei der beide Beine so voneinander weggestreckt werden, dass sie eine Linie bilden [2] übertragen: der Versuch, gegensätzliche Positionen zu überbrücken

Hierarchical clustering algorithm for comprehensive orthologous-domain classification in multiple genomes: ... or fission events, and splits clusters into domains ...

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Deoxyribonuclease II as a probe to sequence-specific chromatin organization: preferential cleavage in the 72 bp modulator sequence of SV40 minichromosome.: ... Micrococcal nuclease splits the BglI-Hpaii region ...

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Euglena gracilis chloroplast DNA: the untranslated leader of tufA-ORF206 gene contains an intron.: ... The first intron splits the untranslated ...

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Portraits of breast cancer progression: ... the cancer cluster splits into low grade ...

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Resolution among major placental mammal interordinal relationships with genome data imply that speciation influenced their earliest radiations: ... and other difficult splits were examined by ...

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Genetic and Linguistic Coevolution in Northern Island Melanesia: ... following population splits and isolation at the ...

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Accurate splice site prediction using support vector machines: ... Availability Data, splits, additional information ...

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Percutaneous Transluminal Angioscopy During Coronary Intervention: ... Large intimal splits were seen in one third ...

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Salt induced transitions between multiple conformations of poly (rG-m5dC).poly (rG-m5dC).: ... absence of NaCl that splits into two closely spaced ...

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