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Start Date definition: The calendar date on which something is to start or did start.
začátek definition: [1] Anfang, Beginn
Anpfiff definition: [1] Sport: Zeichen für den Beginn eines Spiels [2] umgangssprachlich: Tadel. "Zurechtweisung", Schelte
Ausgangspunkt definition: [1] Beginn, Ursprung von etwas [2] Ort, an dem man eine Reise o.Ä. beginnt
ekbloko definition: Bloc de départ.
starting-block definition: Variante, dans l'orthographe traditionnelle, de '''starting block'''
starting-gate definition: Grille de départ, en particulier pour les courses hippiques.

A novel germ-line JK transcript starting immediately upstream of JK1.

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Emergence of Drug Resistance Is Associated with an Increased Risk of Death among Patients First Starting HAART

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A double-blind randomized study comparing the effects of continuing or not continuing rosiglitazone + metformin therapy when starting insulin therapy in people with Type 2 diabetes 1

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Diminishing Disparities: Starting in Our Own Backyards

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Starting at the endophenotype: A role for alpha-CaMKII in schizophrenia?

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