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Research Design definition: A plan for collecting and utilizing data so that desired information can be obtained with sufficient precision or so that an hypothesis can be tested properly.
Study Design definition: A plan detailing how a study will be performed in order to represent the phenomenon under examination, to answer the research questions that have been asked, and defining the methods of data analysis. Study design is driven by research hypothesis being posed, study subject/population/sample available, logistics/resources: technology, support, networking, collaborative support, etc.
4A's Treatment Protocol definition: A smoking cessation strategy recommended by the National Cancer Institute. The first 'A' is to ask patients about their smoking status at every visit and record this information. The second 'A' is to advise smokers to quit. The third 'A' is to assist patients' cessation attempts where possible by helping them to set a quit date, providing self-help materials, prescribing pharmacological treatment, and recommending counseling. The final 'A' is to arrange follow-up contact. (from Medscape)
strategy definition: [1] Strategie [2] Taktik
strategy definition: Stratégie.
gameplan definition: Stratégie.
Planung definition: [1] Vorgang der zu einer Zeichnung oder Beschreibung eines Vorhaben im Ergebnis (dem Plan) führt.
Strategiespiel definition: [1] Spiel, bei dem es auf eine langfristige Planung ankommt und Zufall/Glück keine oder nur eine untergeordnete Rolle spielt
stratégie definition: Partie de l’art militaire qui consiste à préparer, à diriger l’ensemble des opérations de la guerre.
stratégie definition: L’art de manœuvrer.
stratégie definition: Logique implicite ou explicite pour atteindre un objectif complexe et à long terme.

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