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subtype Subtyp
subtype Untergruppe
Subtype definition: A group forming a type within a larger type.
Mucin-5B definition: A gel-forming mucin that is predominantly expressed by submucosal glands of airway tissues and the SUBLINGUAL GLAND. It is one of the principal components of high molecular weight salivary mucin.
Bombesin-like Receptor 3 definition: Expressed in germ cells in the testis by human BRS3 Gene (GPCR1 Family), 399-aa 44-kDa integral membrane protein Bombesin-like Receptor 3 is specifically activated by bombesin-like peptides and associated with G proteins that activate a phosphatidylinositol-calcium second messenger system. Bombesin-like peptide receptors include gastrin-releasing peptide receptor, neuromedin B receptor, and bombesin receptor subtype-3 (BRS3). BRS3 may be required for sperm cell division, maturation, or function, or for regulation of endocrine processes and metabolism responsible for energy balance and adiposity. (NCI)
ADRA2A Gene definition: This gene plays a role in the regulation of neurotransmitter release from nerves and neurons in the central nervous system.
BRS3 Gene definition: This gene is involved in the regulation of metabolic and endocrine processes required for energy storage and consumption.
Adenosine Receptor A2a definition: Expressed in basal ganglia, vasculature, and platelets by human ADORA2A Gene (GPCR1 Family), 412-aa 45-kDa Adenosine A2A Receptor is a cell-surface integral membrane protein containing 7 transmembrane domains that interacts with a heterotrimeric G protein complex in response to adenosine ligand to stimulate cAMP accumulation through adenylate cyclase activation, is a major target of caffeine, and modulates the activity of various neuronal populations, platelets, neutrophils, and mast cells, and smooth muscle cells in bronchi and vasculature. A potent biologic mediator, most effects of adenosine protect cells during stress.
Adenosine Receptor A2a definition: Adenosine receptor A2a (412 aa, 45 kD) is a cell defense response protein that is encoded by the human ADORA2A gene and has roles in G protein-coupled cell-cell signaling, cellular defense response, phagocytosis, blood circulation, inflammatory response, sensory perception and central nervous system development.
has subtype definition: Target concept is a subtype / subclass or the source (or the target concept implies the source
Subtype constraint definition: This row corresponds to a subcomponent of the row above; it would not normally be included in an Refined Message Information Model, but it is included in order to be able to state a constraint on the subtype. This is explained in
Subtype constraint definition: This row corresponds to a subcomponent of the row above; it would not normally be included in an HMD, but it is included in order to be able to state a constraint on the subtype. This is explained in
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