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Labyrinth Supporting Cells definition: Cells forming a framework supporting the sensory AUDITORY HAIR CELLS in the organ of Corti. Lateral to the medial inner hair cells, there are inner pillar cells, outer pillar cells, Deiters cells, Hensens cells, Claudius cells, Boettchers cells, and others.
Outer Supporting Cell definition: A cell forming a cup for the outer hair cell of the Organ of Corti. The supporting cell sends out a narrow filament that angles towards the base of the cochlea. The structure is such that the supporting cell touches the outer hair cell only at the top and bottom.
Supporting Cell of Organ of Corti definition: Cells forming a framework supporting the organ of Corti. Specific cells are those of Claudius, Deiters and Hensen. (MeSH)
Periodontium definition: The structures surrounding and supporting the tooth. Periodontium includes the gum (GINGIVA), the alveolar bone (ALVEOLAR PROCESS), the DENTAL CEMENTUM, and the PERIODONTAL LIGAMENT.
periodontium definition: tissues surrounding a tooth.
Clear Cell definition: A cell with empty-appearing cytoplasm when viewed with a light microscope.
VENTILATOR, CONTINUOUS, NON-LIFE-SUPPORTING definition: A continuous ventilator (respirator) is a device intended to mechanically control or assist patient breathing by delivering a predetermined percentage of oxygen in the breathing gas. Adult, pediatric, and neonatal ventilators are included in this generic type of device.
Supporting connective tissue definition: Specialized connective tissue is a connective tissue, which consists of osteocytes and chondrocytes, the intercellular matrix of which is chondrified or calcified.
Supporting connective tissue definition: Specialized connective tissue is a connective tissue, which consists of osteocytes and chondrocytes, the intercellular matrix of which is chondrified or calcified.
Reagents, Electrophoresis, Supporting Media definition: Reagents used in electrophoresis as porous supporting media for the migration of the charged particles. These media include agarose gel films, cellulose acetate sheets, and cellulose paper.
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Charge definition: [1] Handel, Technik: Unter einer 'Charge' versteht man einen Teilbestand an Produkten, die in einem Produktionsgang gefertigt worden sind und damit identische Merkmale in Bezug auf den Fertigungszeitpunkt und die Produktqualität aufweisen. Eine 'Chargen'verwaltung findet sich vor allem in den Prozessindustrien (Chemische, pharmazeutische oder Lebensmittel-Industrie) [2] Technik: Ladung, Beschickung [3] Theater: Eine bewusste übertrieben und überladen ausgeführte Nebenrolle im Theater oder generell eine Nebenrolle [4] Studentenverbindung: höheres Amt in einer Studentenverbindung [5] Militär: Stelle oder ein Posten mit einer bestimmten Verantwortung, Dienstgrad [6] Militär: Kavallerieangriff mit gezückter Waffe (veraltet) [7] Militär: Salve eines geschlossenen Infanterietrupps (veraltet)
fördern definition: [1] jemanden beim Vorankommen unterstützen; zum Erfolg verhelfen [2] einen Rohstoff abbauen [3] transportieren; die Bewegung beschleunigen

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