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Removed definition: Taken out of, separated from, or eliminated.
Other Action Taken definition: Order is performed as issued, but other action taken to mitigate potential adverse effects
Action Taken with Study Treatment definition: The reason that changes were made to the specific therapy under study.
Action Taken with Pharmacological Treatment definition: The reason that changes were made to the specific pharmacologic therapy under study.
CDISC SDTM Action Taken with Study Treatment Terminology definition: Terminology associated with the Action Taken with Study Treatment codelist of the CDISC Standard Data Tabulation Model (SDTM).
ACN definition: The reason that changes were made to the therapy under study. (NCI)
Taken definition: Having accepted for some purpose; ingested as a medication.

Evaluation of pulse-oximetry oxygen saturation taken through skin protective covering

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Tree thinking cannot taken for granted: challenges for teaching phylogenetics

Hanno Sandvik

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Medical Aspects Taken for Granted

Mohammad Ahad Qayyum et al.

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Reproducibility and sensitivity to change of various methods to measure joint space width in osteoarthritis of the hip: a double reading of three different radiographic views taken with a three-year interval

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Unpredicted spontaneous extrusion of a renal calculus in an adult male with spina bifida and paraplegia: report of a misdiagnosis. Measures to be taken to reduce urological errors in spinal cord injury patients

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The brown adipocyte differentiation pathway in birds: An evolutionary road not taken

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Taken to School: An Interview with the Honorable Judge John E. Jones, III

Jane Gitschier

PLoS Genetics , 01 Dec 2008

A Year with Osler, 1896-1897. Notes Taken at His Clinics in The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Madeline Stanton

The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine , 01 Mar 1950

The chemokine and chemokine receptor superfamilies and their molecular evolution: ... gene duplication has taken place independently in ...

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Genome Biology , 2006

Human molecular chronotyping in sight?: ... on mouse models has taken us closer to ...

Urs Albrecht

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