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enEnglish deGerman
1 word
forty-three drieënveertig
three drei
three-D dreidimensional /3D/
three-D plastisch
three-D räumlich
three-axial dreiaxial
three-bay Dreifeld...
three-bay dreifeldrig
three-coat dreilagig
three-cornered dreieckig
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enEnglish esSpanish
1 word
forty-three cuarenta y tres
three número tres
three tres
three-master velero de tres mástiles
twenty-three veintitrés
2 words
three times tres
three times veces
three times vegades
3 words
enEnglish frFrench
1 word
forty-three quarante-trois
ninety-three nonante-trois
ninety-three quatre-vingt-treize
thirty-three trente-trois
three trois
three-master trois-mâts
three-phase triphasé
twenty-three vingt-trois
2 words
three folding triplement
3 words
enEnglish ptPortuguese
1 word
three três
twenty-three vinte e três
3 words
enEnglish itItalian
1 word
forty-three quarantatré
three tre
twenty-three ventitre
enEnglish jaJapanese
1 word
forty-three 四十三|R=shi-jū-san
ninety-three 九十三|R=kyūjūsan
thirty-three 三十三|R=sanjūsan
three 三|R=san
three 三つ
three 三時
twenty-three 二十三
twenty-three 二十三|R=nijūsan
enEnglish ruRussian
1 word
forty-three сорок три|R=sórok tri
three три
three три|R=tri
three тройка
three-master трехмачтовое судно
twenty-three двадцать три
enEnglish zhChinese
1 word
ninety-three 九十三|R=jiǔshisān
three 三|R=sān
three 三时
three 三時
twenty-three 二十三
enEnglish azAzerbaijani
1 word
three üç
enEnglish bgBulgarian
1 word
three три
enEnglish bmBambara
1 word
three saba
enEnglish brBreton
1 word
three teir
three tri
three-master teirgwern
enEnglish caCatalan
1 word
three tres
2 words
three times tres
enEnglish coCorsican
1 word
three trè
enEnglish csCzech
1 word
three trojka
three tři
twenty-three dvacet tři
twenty-three třiadvacet
enEnglish cyWelsh
1 word
three tair
three tri
enEnglish daDanish
1 word
three tre
three tretal
twenty-three treogtyve
enEnglish elGreek
1 word
three τρία
three τρία|R=tría
three τρεις
three τρεις|R=tris
twenty-three είκοσι τρείς
enEnglish eoEsperanto
1 word
three tri
three tria
enEnglish etEstonian
1 word
three kolm
enEnglish euBasque
1 word
three hiru
enEnglish fiFinnish
1 word
three kolme
three kolmonen
three-master kolmimasto
enEnglish foFaroese
1 word
three tríggir
three tríggjar
three trý
twenty-three tjúgu og trý
twenty-three trýogtjúgu
enEnglish gaIrish
1 word
three trí
enEnglish gdScottish Gaelic
1 word
three trì
enEnglish guGujarati
1 word
three ત્રણ|R=tran
enEnglish gvManx
1 word
three tree
enEnglish hiHindi
1 word
three तिन
three तीन|R=tīn
enEnglish hrCroatian
1 word
three tri
enEnglish huHungarian
1 word
three három
twenty-three huszonhárom
enEnglish idIndonesian
1 word
three tiga
twenty-three duapuluh tiga
enEnglish ieInterlingue
1 word
three tri
enEnglish ioIdo
1 word
three tri
three-master trimasto
enEnglish isIcelandic
1 word
three þrjár
three þrjú
three þrír
twenty-three tuttugu og þrír
enEnglish knKannada
1 word
three ಮೂರು
enEnglish koKorean
1 word
three 세 시
twenty-three 스물셋
twenty-three 이십삼
enEnglish kuKurdish
1 word
three sisê
enEnglish kwCornish
1 word
three try
three tyr
enEnglish laLatin
1 word
three tres
three tres|trēs
three tria
enEnglish lnLingala
1 word
three mísáto
enEnglish ltLithuanian
1 word
three trys
enEnglish lvLatvian
1 word
three trīs
enEnglish mnMongolian
1 word
three гурав
enEnglish mtMaltese
1 word
three tlieta
enEnglish naNauru
1 word
three ayu
twenty-three anarama me ayu
enEnglish nlDutch
1 word
three drie
twenty-three drieentwintig
enEnglish noNorwegian
1 word
three tre
enEnglish ocOccitan (post 1500); Provençal
1 word
three tres
enEnglish plPolish
1 word
three trzy
three trójka
twenty-three dwadzieścia trzy
enEnglish rmRhaeto-Romance
1 word
three trais
enEnglish roRomanian
1 word
three trei
enEnglish rwKinyarwanda
1 word
three tatu
enEnglish saSanskrit
1 word
three त्रयः|R=trayaḥ
enEnglish seNorthern Sami
1 word
three golbma
enEnglish skSlovak
1 word
three tri
twenty-three dvadsať tri
enEnglish slSlovenian
1 word
three tri
enEnglish sqAlbanian
1 word
three tre
three tri
enEnglish srSerbian
1 word
three trojka
three три
three тројка
enEnglish svSwedish
1 word
three tre
three trea
three-phase trefas
enEnglish swSwahili
1 word
three -tatu
three tatu
enEnglish thThai
1 word
three สาม
twenty-three ยี่สิบสาม
enEnglish trTurkish
1 word
three üç
twenty-three yirmi üç
enEnglish ttTatar
1 word
three öç
three өч
enEnglish ukUkrainian
1 word
three трійка
enEnglish viVietnamese
1 word
three ba
three số ba
three-master thuyền ba buồm
enEnglish waWalloon
1 word
three troes
enEnglish arArabic
1 word
twenty-three ثلاثة وعشرين
enEnglish faPersian
1 word
twenty-three بيست و سه
enEnglish heHebrew
1 word
twenty-three עשרים־ושלשה
Molecular Conformation definition: The characteristic three-dimensional shape of a molecule.
conformation definition: any of the spatial arrangements of a molecule that can be obtained by rotation of the atoms about a single bond.
Conformation definition: The three-dimensional arrangement of something in space. Often refers to the arrangement of the side groups on a molecule which can freely rotate into different positions without breaking any bonds.
Phlebotomus Fever definition: Influenza-like febrile viral disease caused by several members of the BUNYAVIRIDAE family and transmitted mostly by the bloodsucking sandfly Phlebotomus papatasii.
Footstools, Two/Three-Step definition: Footstools that include platforms at two or three different heights (i.e., two or three steps); some include a low-level step and a high-level step, while others include two low-level steps and a central high-level platform. These stools are either made of wood or consist of a tubular metallic structure with a nonconducting material (e.g., rubber, plastic) covering the supporting platforms. Two/three-step stools assist patients getting on and off treatment and examination tables; they are also used for testing exercises and for foot examination.
Echocardiography, Three-Dimensional definition: Echocardiography amplified by the addition of depth to the conventional two-dimensional ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY visualizing only the length and width of the heart. Three-dimensional ultrasound imaging was first described in 1961 but its application to echocardiography did not take place until 1974. (Mayo Clin Proc 1993;68:221-40)
Three definition: A natural number greater than 2 and less than 4 and the quantity that it denotes: the sum of two and one.
lamivudine definition: zalcitabine analog
Lamivudine definition: A reverse transcriptase inhibitor and ZALCITABINE analog in which a sulfur atom replaces the 3' carbon of the pentose ring. It is used to treat HIV disease.
lamivudine definition: A drug used to treat infection caused by viruses.
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drei definition: [1] die Kardinalzahl zwischen zwei und vier [2] kurz für „drei Uhr“ oder „fünfzehn Uhr“ [3] kurz für „drei Jahre (alt)“
Drei definition: [1] Mathematik: die natürliche Zahl zwischen der Zwei und der Vier [2] die Ziffer Drei (3, ٣, 三, 叄) [3] in Deutschland und Österreich „Befriedigend“, eine mittelmäßige Zeugnisnote [4] drei Augen auf einem Würfel
dreiundzwanzig definition: [1] die Kardinalzahl nach zweiundzwanzig [2] kurz für „dreiundzwanzig Jahre (alt)“
dreimal definition: [1] Anzeige des Wiederholungsfaktors drei; dreifach vorgekommen, durchgeführt
tre definition: [1] drei
tri definition: [1] drei
три definition: [1] drei
tres definition: [1] drei, die Kardinalzahl zwischen zwei und vier
trois definition: [1] drei
trois definition: Le nombre 3, compris entre 2 (deux) et 4 (quatre).
trois definition: Chiffre utilisé dans la numérotation décimale, représenté par 3 ou III.
trois definition: Quelque chose portant le numéro trois.
trois definition: Troisième jour du mois.
triplement definition: Action de tripler.
triplement definition: D’une manière triple, de trois façons.
trois-mâts definition: Navire à trois mâts.
vingt-trois definition: Le nombre 23. Une chose numérotée 23.
vingt-trois definition: Le vingt-et-troisième jour du mois.
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þrír definition: [1] drei ==== Übersetzungen ====
तिन definition: [1] drei
tri definition: [1] drei
ಮೂರು definition: [1] drei

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