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Nested Transcripts definition: Alternatively spliced RNA transcripts that are derived from a set of exons that are located in the middle of the primary transcript (RNA PRECURSORS), between unused exons.
Transcript definition: The initial RNA molecule produced by transcription.
ZBTB7A Gene definition: This gene is involved in regulation of transcription and plays a role in cell organization/biogenesis.
Zinc Finger and BTB Domain Containing Protein 7 definition: Encoded by ZBTB7 gene, Zinc Finger and BTB Domain Containing Protein 7 or leukemia/lymphoma-related factor is a 584-amino acid protein containing 4 C-terminal Kruppel-type zinc fingers, a bipartite nuclear localization signal, and an N-terminal POZ domain. It is also known as Pokemon (POK Erythroid Myeloid ONtogenic factor), which belongs to the POK family (POZ domain and Kruppel zinc fingers) of transcriptional factors. If mutated, they become transcriptional repressors through the engagement of histone deacetylases, causing chromatin remodeling and in turn tumorigenesis. Pokemon functions as a proto-oncogene via direct binding and repress the expression of the tumor suppressor ARF. It also play a role in cellular differentiation and physically interact with other members of the POK family. (NCI)
nuclear-transcribed mRNA catabolic process, meiosis-specific transcripts definition: The chemical reactions and pathways resulting in the selective degradation of meiosis-specific transcripts during vegetative growth, by a mechanism that requires determinant of selective removal (DSR) sequences in the targeted mRNAs and involves a YTH family protein. [PMID:16823445]

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