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trapping einfangend
trapping fangend
trapping in die Falle lockend
trapping verschließend
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trapping piégeage
trapping trappage
DEVICES, BREATH TRAPPING, ALCOHOL definition: A breath-alcohol test system is a device intened to measure alcohol in the human breath. Measurements obtained by this device are used in the diagnosis of alcohol intoxication.
Spin Trapping definition: A technique for detecting short-lived reactive FREE RADICALS in biological systems by providing a nitrone or nitrose compound for an addition reaction to occur which produces an ELECTRON SPIN RESONANCE SPECTROSCOPY-detectable aminoxyl radical. In spin trapping, the compound trapping the radical is called the spin trap and the addition product of the radical is identified as the spin adduct. (Free Rad Res Comm 1990;9(3-6):163)
Optical Tweezers definition: A technique that uses LASERS to trap, image, and manipulate small objects (biomolecules, supramolecular assembles, DENDRIMERS) in three dimensional space. (From Glossary of Biotechnology and Nanobiotechnology Terms, 4th ed.)
Optical Trap definition: A method utilized for the non-mechanical manipulation of nanoparticles. Small transparent objects can be isolated or fixed using focused laser light. The optical trap is based on the concept of photon momentum transfer and has many applications.
piégeage definition: Interception définitive ou temporaire d'une entité moléculaire.
trappage definition: Phénomène par lequel des gaz inspirés sont retenus lors de l'expiration dans un territoire broncho-pulmonaire pathologique.

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