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On the origin of trisomy 21 Down syndrome

Maj A Hultén et al.

Molecular Cytogenetics , 18 Sep 2008

Histogenesis of retinal dysplasia in trisomy 13

Ada Chan et al.

Diagnostic Pathology , 18 Dec 2007

Defects in Thymocyte Differentiation and Thymocyte- Stromal Interactions in the Trisomy 16 Mouse

Janet L. Ewart et al.

Developmental Immunology , 1992

Partial trisomy 13q22-qter associated to leukoencephalopathy and late onset generalised epilepsy

Renee Ribacoba et al.

International Archives of Medicine , 29 Apr 2008

Segmental Trisomy of Mouse Chromosome 17: Introducing an Alternative Model of Down’s Syndrome

Jiri Forejt et al.

Comparative and Functional Genomics , 01 Dec 2003

Trisomy 19 ependymoma, a newly recognized genetico-histological association, including clear cell ependymoma

Emmanuel Rousseau et al.

Molecular Cancer , 12 Jul 2007

A novel procedure for genotyping of single nucleotide polymorphisms in trisomy with genomic DNA and the invader assay

Kelly J. Duffy et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 01 Dec 2008

Altered expression of mitochondrial and extracellular matrix genes in the heart of human fetuses with chromosome 21 trisomy

Anna Conti et al.

BMC Genomics , 07 Aug 2007

Human endogenous retrovirus-FRD envelope protein (syncytin 2) expression in normal and trisomy 21-affected placenta

André Malassiné et al.

Retrovirology , 23 Jan 2008

Cell type-specific over-expression of chromosome 21 genes in fibroblasts and fetal hearts with trisomy 21

Chi-Ming Li et al.

BMC Medical Genetics , 15 Mar 2006

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