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two-stage zweistufig
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two stage zweistufig
two-stage filter Zweistufenfilter
two-stage filters Zweistufenfilter
ANTITHROMBIN III, TWO STAGE CLOTTING TIME ASSAY definition: An antithrombin III assay is a device that is used to determine the plasma level of antithrombin III (a substance which acts with the anticoagulant heparin to prevent coagulation). This determination is used to monitor the administration of heparin in the treatment of thrombosis. The determination may also be used in the diagnosis of thrombophilia (a congenital deficiency of antithrombin III).
transitional two stage B cell differentiation definition: The process whereby immature B cells from the bone marrow acquire the specialized features of T2 stage B cells in the spleen. T2 stage B cells express CD23 but not CD21. [GOC:jal, ISBN:0781735149 "Fundamental Immunology"]

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