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Analysis of Variance definition: A statistical technique that isolates and assesses the contributions of categorical independent variables to variation in the mean of a continuous dependent variable.
Analysis of Variance definition: A statistical technique which helps in making inference whether three or more samples might come from populations having the same mean; specifically, whether the differences among the samples might be caused by chance variation.
Genetic Variation definition: The phenotypic and genotypic differences among individuals in a population.
Genetic Variation definition: Genetic Variation consists of deviation(s) in the nucleotide sequence of the genetic material of an individual from that typical of the group to which the individual belongs, or deviation(s) in the nucleotide sequence of the genetic material of offspring from that of its parents.
Coefficient of Variance definition: The ratio of standard deviation to mean, expressed as a percentage.
Variance definition: A statistical computation dervied by using the expected value and averaging the squared distance of all viable values.
variance definition: A measure of the variability in a sample or population. It is calculated as the mean squared deviation (MSD) of the individual values from their common mean. In calculating the MSD, the divisor n is commonly used for a population variance and the divisor n-1 for a sample variance.
Variance Criterion definition: Method for removing extreme values from a set, based upon its variance. Defined in documents available at http://bioconductor.org/packages/1.9/bioc/html/affy.html
Study Administrative Activity Variance Reason definition: A textual explanation of the cause why a given activity or event considered as a milestone associated with a patient and/or study deviated from the expected timeline or did not occur.
Variance Reason definition: A cause of a difference between what is expected and what actually occurs, or a cause of an activity that varies from a norm or standard.
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Varianz definition: [1] Statistik: „Summe der Abweichungsquadrate ... aller Meßwerte einer Verteilung von ihren arithmetischen Mittel, dividiert durch die um 1 verminderte Anzahl der Messungen“ Günter Clauß, Ebner: Statistik für Soziologen, Pädagogen, Psychologen und Mediziner. Band 1: Grundlagen. 7., unveränderte Auflage. Verlag Harri Deutsch, Thun/Frankfurt a.M. 1992, S. 87. ISBN 3-87144-642-4. Der Vorname von Ebner ist im Buch nicht zu ermitteln.
variance definition: #

We describe a very general approach to the problem of assessing genetic background diversity that extends the analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA) strategy introduced by Excoffier and colleagues some time ago.

Caroline M Nievergelt et al.

PLoS Genetics 3 (4), 01 Apr 2007

We consider the use of an analysis method termed generalized analysis of molecular variance (GAMOVA), which builds off of previously proposed analysis methods for testing hypotheses about the factors associated with genetic background diversity.

Caroline M Nievergelt et al.

PLoS Genetics 3 (4), 01 Apr 2007

The proposed method is similar to the analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA) method introduced by Excoffier and colleagues, but is more flexible and provides a much more intuitive and generalizable derivation of relevant test statistics [ 50 ].

Caroline M Nievergelt et al.

PLoS Genetics 3 (4), 01 Apr 2007

The description of the AMOVA procedure provided by Excoffier et al.[ 50 ] includes relevant sum-of-squares calculations to formulate analysis of variance (ANOVA)-like hypothesis-oriented test statistics that consider differences between groups of individuals or populations with respect to genetic background.

Caroline M Nievergelt et al.

PLoS Genetics 3 (4), 01 Apr 2007

As a result of the connections between the proposed approach and the AMOVA approach of Excoffier et al. [ 50 ], we have labeled the proposed approach generalized molecular analysis of variance (GAMOVA).

Caroline M Nievergelt et al.

PLoS Genetics 3 (4), 01 Apr 2007

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