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Common Variable Immunodeficiency definition: Heterogeneous group of immunodeficiency syndromes characterized by hypogammaglobulinemia of most isotypes, variable B-cell defects, and the presence of recurrent bacterial infections.

Small circular DNAs for synthesis of the human telomere repeat: varied sizes, structures and telomere-encoding activities

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Comparative analysis of ascorbic acid in human milk and infant formula using varied milk delivery systems

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DNA and the chromosome – varied targets for chemotherapy

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The varied roles of nuclear receptors during vertebrate embryonic development

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Periportal Stellate Cells in Subjects with Chronic Hepatitis C with a Varied Serum Alanine Aminotransferase Level

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Synonymous codon usage in Zea mays L. nuclear genes is varied by levels of C and G-ending codons.

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Multiple, dispersed human U6 small nuclear RNA genes with varied transcriptional efficiencies

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Mutations in the TΨC Loop of E. coli tRNA Lys,3 Have Varied Effects on In Trans Complementation of HIV-1 Replication

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The calpains: modular designs and functional diversity: ... relatives whose varied physiological functions ...

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Yale Studies of Patient Care 1: ... extent of evaluation varied with service and varied ...

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