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Version, Fetal definition: The artificial alteration of the fetal position to facilitate birth.
Version definition: A form or variant of a type or original; one of a sequence of copies of a program, each incorporating new modifications.
Version, External Cephalic definition: Fetal version where the head is brought down into the maternal pelvis by external manipulation.
CPT-4 definition: American Medical Association, P.O. Box 10946, Chicago IL 60610.
Unsupported version id definition: The Version ID is not supported.
HL7 Version V3-2003-12 definition: The consistent set of messaging artefacts as published or contained in repositories in December of 2003, based on the latest version of any V3 models or artefacts (RIM, Datatypes, CMETS, Common Messages, Vocabularies) as available in December of 2003. Note: This versioncode does not cover the version of the XML ITS.
The Read Codes Version 2 definition: The Read Codes Version 2 contains over 70,000 coded concepts arranged in a hierarchical structure. Top level hierarchy sections: DisordersFindings Surgical proceduresInvestigationsOccupationsDrugs
Version 2 data type definition: This component can document the Version 2.3 datatype for an attribute that is related to or derived from data fields in HL7 Version 2.3.
Version 2 Field reference definition: This component provides a reference to the source Version 2.x field for an attribute that is related to or derived from data fields in HL7 Version 2.3 standard. Concatenate multiple values with commas, if multiple references to Version 2.x exist for an attribute.
Model version definition: A text version of the version number like "V 30-08"
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Fassung definition: [1] Befestigung [2] der aktuell gültige Text eines Gesetzes [3] Selbstbeherrschung [4] Befestigung eines Schmucksteins oder einer Perle [5] farbige Bemalung oder Auflage mit Edelmetell [6] Variante eines Kunstwerkes
Version definition: [1] Fassung [2] Variante
Lesart definition: [1] Auslegung, Sinngebung, Deutung, Fasssung, Variante, Version einer Textstelle
Beta-Version definition: [1] Ausgabe eines Produktes, das sich in der Testphase befindet
Version definition: Version.
Version definition: Version.
version definition: Traduction d’une langue en une autre.
version definition: Anciennes traductions de l’écriture.
version definition: Il se dit aussi particulièrement des Traductions que les écoliers font d’une langue ancienne ou étrangère en leur propre langue.
version definition: Manière de rapporter, d’interpréter des faits.
version definition: Il se dit plus particulièrement des formes différentes que prend un récit historique, une légende, un mythe.
implémentation definition: Réalisation (d’un produit informatique) à partir de documents, mise en œuvre, développement.
implémentation definition: Produit qui en est le résultat.
versión definition: Version.

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