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Vitelline Warbler Dotterwaldsänger
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Persistent vitelline duct Meckel-Divertikel
Vitelline Masked Weaver Dotterweber
Meckel Diverticulum definition: A congenital abnormality characterized by the outpouching or sac formation in the ILEUM. It is a remnant of the embryonic YOLK SAC in which the VITELLINE DUCT failed to close.
Vitelline Duct definition: The narrow tube connecting the YOLK SAC with the midgut of the EMBRYO; persistence of all or part of it in post-fetal life produces abnormalities, of which the commonest is MECKEL DIVERTICULUM.
Vitelline Membrane definition: The plasma membrane of the egg.
vitelline membrane definition: cytoplasmic noncellular membrane surrounding the eggs of various animals, especially the membrane enveloping the yolk of telolecithal eggs.
Yolk Sac definition: The first of four extra-embryonic membranes to form during EMBRYOGENESIS. In REPTILES and BIRDS, it arises from endoderm and mesoderm to incorporate the EGG YOLK into the DIGESTIVE TRACT for nourishing the embryo. In placental MAMMALS, its nutritional function is vestigial; however, it is the source of INTESTINAL MUCOSA; BLOOD CELLS; and GERM CELLS. It is sometimes called the vitelline sac, which should not be confused with the VITELLINE MEMBRANE of the egg.
yolk sac definition: sometimes called vitelline sac; do not confuse with vitelline membrane of the egg; an embryonic membrane formed from endoderm and mesoderm; in reptiles and birds it incorporates the yolk into the digestive tract for nourishing the embryo; in placental mammals it is the source of most of the intestinal mucosa and the site of formation of the germ cells.
Yolk Sac definition: Membranous sac on the ventral aspect of the developing embryo that acts as a primitive circulatory system as well as providing nourishment.
vitelline membrane formation in chorion-containing eggshell definition: Construction of the vitelline membrane portion of a chorion-containing eggshells, such as those eggshells found in insects. [GOC:mah, GOC:mtg_sensu]
vitelline membrane formation definition: Construction of the vitelline membrane portion of the egg shell, a rigid structure required to maintain the shape of the egg. [ISBN:0879694238]
structural constituent of vitelline membrane definition: The action of a molecule that contributes to the structural integrity of the vitelline membrane of an egg. [GOC:mah, GOC:sensu]
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vitelline definition: Nom donné à la membrane qui enveloppe immédiatement le vitellus ou jaune de l’œuf des oiseaux, et à celle qui, dans les mammifères, est la plus excentrique des membranes de l’ovule, c'est-à-dire le chorion.
vitelline definition: Substance organique azotée coagulable qu’on retire du jaune de l’œuf.
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