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wall thickness Wanddicke
wall thickness Wandstärke
3 words
pipe wall thickness Rohrwandstärke
tube wall thickness Rohrwandstärke
0 definitions

Fluid-structure interaction in abdominal aortic aneurysms: effects of asymmetry and wall thickness

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Ultrasound settings significantly alter arterial lumen and wall thickness measurements

Kathleen Potter et al.

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Isolated right atrial appendage (RAA) rupture in blunt trauma – a case report and an anatomic study comparing RAA and right atrium (RA) wall thickness

Adoniram M Figueiredo et al.

World Journal of Emergency Surgery , 15 Feb 2007

Comparison of cardiovascular magnetic resonance of late gadolinium enhancement and diastolic wall thickness to predict recovery of left ventricular function after coronary artery bypass surgery

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Common carotid artery wall thickness and external diameter as predictors of prevalent and incident cardiac events in a large population study

Marsha L Eigenbrodt et al.

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Deranged aortic intima-media thickness, plasma triglycerides and granulopoiesis in Sl/Sl(d) mice.: ... regimen on aortic wall thickness, peripheral blood ...

Kottarappat N Dileepan et al.

Mediators of Inflammation , 01 Dec 2004

QTLs of factors of the metabolic syndrome and echocardiographic phenotypes: the hypertension genetic epidemiology network study: ... "blood pressure (BP)-LV wall thickness" on chromosome 3 at 225 ...

Aldi T Kraja et al.

BMC Medical Genetics , 27 Nov 2008

Diabetes, gender, and left ventricular structure in African-Americans: the atherosclerosis risk in communities study: ... increased relative wall thickness was similar in men and ...

Murilo Foppa et al.

Cardiovascular Ultrasound , 08 Nov 2006

Arterial Wall Properties and Womersley Flow in Fabry Disease: ... of the vessel wall internal and external diameter, the incremental Young's modulus and arterial wall thickness. By simultaneously ...

David F Moore et al.

BMC Cardiovascular Disorders , 10 Jan 2002

Muscle fiber-type distribution predicts weight gain and unfavorable left ventricular geometry: a 19 year follow-up study: ... and greater relative wall thickness ( P = 0.034) without ...

Jouko Karjalainen et al.

BMC Cardiovascular Disorders , 10 Jan 2006

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