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Worse definition: In an declined condition.
worse definition: Worse (of severity or nominal observations)
Definitely Worse definition: Showing obvious signs of deterioration or decline.
Possibly Worse definition: Showing signs suggestive of deterioration or decline.
verschlechtern definition: [1] etwas ~: etwas schlechter machen [2] sich ~: schlechter werden
pire definition: S’emploie aussi comme superlatif, et alors il est toujours précédé de l’article.
pire definition: Il s’emploie aussi comme nom masculin et désigne Ce qui est de plus mauvais.

Hyperfibrinogenemia is associated with lymphatic as well as hematogenous metastasis and worse clinical outcome in T2 gastric cancer

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Women with coronary artery disease report worse health-related quality of life outcomes compared to men

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Barriers to adequate follow-up during adjuvant therapy may be important factors in the worse outcome for Black women after breast cancer treatment

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Bug spray worse than the bite?


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Cleaner air may mean worse health.


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A positive fluid balance is associated with a worse outcome in patients with acute renal failure

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Red Flag for Fish Brevetoxin Induces More--And Worse--Effects

C Burgess

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Late HIV Diagnosis: Bad Medicine and Worse Public Health

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Intermediate care: for better or worse? Process evaluation of an intermediate care model between a university hospital and a residential home

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Attributable Outcomes of Endemic Clostridium difficile –associated Disease in Nonsurgical Patients: ... led to significantly worse outcomes in these ...

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